Nitro Lubricants Hand and Surface Wipes

A multi-purpose, pre-moistened towel formulated to remove grease, oil, tar/asphalt, brake dust, water-based inks and grime from hands and a wide variety of non-porous surfaces without the use of water. These waterless, disposable towels are perfect for use anywhere, anytime without irritating or drying out your skin.

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TAMPA, FL. - Caleb Johnson goes back to back with round 6 win at virtual Richmond Raceway and Dylan Baptista picks up the Championship in the Nitro Lubricants Jr Late Model NEXT Series. (Read More)


Nitro Lubricants liquid sanitizer for hands and all types of surfaces. This product contains 70% alcohol to kill 99.9% of Illness causing germs on contact. Recommended for repeat use.
Nitro Lubricants hand sanitizer w/aloe to prevent drying out of the hands. With 70% alcohol, this product will kill 99.9% of illness-causing germs on contact without drying out your hands. Recommended for repeat use.
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What’s Being Said

With one of a kind vintage race car at stake, I don't take any chances. I only use Nitro-Lubricants synthetic oil in my 1978 Porsche 930. I never have to worry when I'm on the track...

- Fast Edie' Tripet

We’ve recently had the opportunity to try out several Nitro Lubricants products. We could tell instantly upon inspection of the used fluids that this product’s consistency during use far exceeds our previous brand. We had the same results with Nitro Lubricants Transmission Fluid. The Nitro Lubricants Red and Tacky Grease stays put and doesn’t get slung out. Keep in mind in our industry and conditions, we brutalize our drive train far more than most, we’re constantly on and off the throttle from low to high rpm’s. We end up on our sides and even upside down and back again for several minutes at a time momentarily taking fluids away from key components inside the engine. Another plus to Nitro Lubricants is their wide selection of other products, we no longer have to order from several different vendors to keep stock, they literally have every product we need and more. For a shop like ours who never seems to have time to place orders, one call shopping is a huge advantage. A couple of days later there is a pallet at the shop doors. In an addiction full of bad decisions, this switch was the right one.

"Vengeance Motorsports"