Hand and Surface Wipes

A multi-purpose, pre-moistened towel formulated to remove grease, oil, tar/asphalt, brake dust, water-based inks and grime from hands and a wide variety of nonporous surfaces without the use of water. These waterless, disposable towels are perfect for use anywhere, anytime without irritating or drying out your skin.

Nitro Lubricants
Hand Scrub

Nitro Hand Scrub is non-solvent industrial hand soap. Designed for the toughest cleaning without drying out your hands. Multiple emollients and conditioners actually moisturize chapped skin with repeated use. The super-concentrated formula reduces hand scrub use by up to 75%. Works great to remove stubborn industrial oils, grease, tar, ink, paint, and much more.

Surface and Screen Wipes

Liquid Hand & Surface Sanitizer

Nitro Lubricants liquid sanitizer for hands and all types of surfaces. This product contains 70% alcohol to kill 99.9% of Illness causing germs on contact. Recommended for repeat use.

Hand Sanitizer w/Aloe

Nitro Lubricants hand sanitizer w/aloe to prevent drying out of the hands. With 70% alcohol, this product will kill 99.9% of illness-causing germs on contact without drying out your hands. Recommended for repeat use.


Brake Cleaner

Nitro's powerful non-chlorinated solvent blend which is formulated to dry quickly. Formulated for instant degreasing of greases, tar, asphalt, resins, brake fluid and many other soils without leaving a residue.

Carb Cleaner

Nitro's powerful sensor safe carb cleaner dissolves gums, varnish, carbon, dirt and grease instantly with powerful flushing action. Cleans automatic chokes, PCV systems, manifold heat valves, carburetor linkages, thermostatic coils and butterfly valves. Improves acceleration and eliminates rough idling and stalling.

Dry Graphite Spray

Nitro Lubricants Dry Graphite produces a fast-drying lubricant to coat and protect metal and plastic extending the life of moving parts. It provides superior lubrication resistant to water, oil, and chemical attack without attracting dust and dirt. Effectively performs in extreme pressures, high temperatures and where a dry lubricant is required

Copper Anti-Seize

Nitro Lubricants Copper Anti Seize is an aerosol product with 3 key features including.

  • High-temp anti-seize for nuts, bolts, studs
  • It is also a premium quality lubricant for bearings, slides
  • Protective coating for service in highly corrosive environments.

Prevents galling, seizing, and galvanizing action.


Nitro Offroad protects and lubricates parts which are exposed to harmful or corrosive elements. The Thick foam clings the chains and sprockets lubricates and penetrates the rollers to protect against friction and wear. Allow time to penetrate when applied.



Nitro Lubricants High Gloss Coating is a coating that provides water-resistant protection with a high gloss shine to brighten any plastic or vinyl surface. High Gloss works instantly, requires no wiping, and hits all those hard to reach areas for maximum protection.